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Proliphix Energy Controllers bring remote HVAC control to unmanned facilities



• Easy to install – connects to existing HVAC equipment and Ethernet interface in minutes
• Simple to operate – no special skills or training required
• Extensible – a single central server manages hundreds of remote sites; no on-site external computer equipment required
• Cost effective – leverages existing
data communications infrastructure



• Universal management with the UniVista Energy Manager (UEM) software
• Intuitive browser-based remote control interface
• Email and SMS text message alarms
• Secure Internet monitoring and control
• Flexible calendar scheduling
• AC or DC powered



• Universal management with optional UniVista software
• Intuitive browser-based remote control interface
• Email and SMS text message alarms
• Secure Internet monitoring and control
• Multi-year scheduling














Sensitive electronic equipment is often found in unattended locations such as telecommunications and utility bunkers, remote transmitters and base stations, automated turnpike collection facilities, and ATM kiosks. To keep services running smoothly, operators must ensure the temperature of these unmanned enclosures is kept within the electronic equipment’s operating specifications at all times. Running equipment at higher than recommended temperatures can reduce equipment life. Worse still, operating equipment at extreme temperatures can cause equipment failure and service disruption.

Until now, controlling and monitoring remote enclosure environments has been a challenge. Standards-based, off-the-shelf solutions for remote HVAC management don’t exist. Operators must choose between costly proprietary solutions or expensive custom-developed implementations.

That’s why Proliphix pioneered Internet-Managed energy control. Proliphix Energy Controllers are designed to be monitored and controlled directly over a standard Internet or private data network connection. They are easy to install and operate and work with the most widely-deployed HVAC equipment. Just connect the Energy Controller to your HVAC system and your data network interface and you’re up and running in minutes. No separate telephone line or dedicated data circuit required. The Energy Controller is AC or DC powered, and requires no external computer hardware for remote communications or management.

Enjoy the convenience of monitoring and programming all Energy Controllers from any location using a secure Internet connection. Proliphix features an intuitive browser-based user interface that makes management simple and convenient - no special technical skills or training required. And you can easily reconfigure Energy Controller settings and take corrective actions without dispatching a technician.

With Proliphix, you can receive immediate notification of critical HVAC alarms wherever you are via email or SMS text messages. By promptly identifying and resolving HVAC problems, you can extend electronic equipment life, prevent electronic equipment failures and maintain service continuity. And by keeping your HVAC equipment operating efficiently you can optimize energy use in these times of soaring energy costs. With the optional UniVista remote management solution you can program and manage hundreds of Energy Controllers in unison – saving time and money. The UniVista Energy Manager (UEM) software solution is highly extensible. A single management server scales to support thousands of remote facilities.

With Proliphix you can enjoy all the features, benefits and convenience of a sophisticated Internet-Managed energy control system, but at a fraction of the price. Proliphix Energy Controllers help unmanned facilities managers maintain service continuity and customer satisfaction, while reducing operations and equipment costs.