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Slashing School Energy Costs with Proliphix Energy Controllers and UniVista™ Energy Manager Software



• Low TCO – typically 20% the cost of conventional EMS solutions
• Rapid ROI – measured in months, not years
• Easy to install – connects to existing HVAC equipment and Ethernet data network in minutes
• Simple to operate – no special skills or training required
• Inherently scalable – add facilities without deploying additional servers



• Combat skyrocketing energy costs and dwindling budgets
• Divert energy dollars to education
• Improve learning by maintaining comfortable classroom settings
• Eliminate waste – optimize energy consumption by aligning building temperature with usage
• Maintain central control – prevent students or faculty from overriding thermostat settings
• Help improve the environment – cut greenhouse emissions and reduce your carbon footprint



• Universal management with the UniVista Energy Manager (UEM) software
• Intuitive browser-based remote control interface
• Email and SMS text message alarms
• Secure Internet monitoring and control
• Multi-year scheduling














"Proliphix will greatly expand our capacity to free up energy dollars for use in educational endeavors"

               - Bill Myers, Mechanical/Electrical Supervisor,
                 Del Valle, TX Independent School District

School administrators are besieged by shrinking budgets and skyrocketing energy costs. According to ENERGY STAR America’s primary and secondary schools spend $6 billion a year on energy - more than is spent on textbooks and computers combined. And the least efficient schools use three times more energy than the best energy performers.

With fuel prices - oil, electricity, and natural gas - all at historic levels, forward-looking school systems are leveraging the Proliphix Energy Control Solution (ECS) to slash energy costs and reduce waste. With Proliphix, school districts remotely manage and control their installed HVAC systems over their existing in-school computer networking infrastructure and the Internet.

Proliphix Energy Controllers are easy to install and operate and are designed to work with the most widely-deployed HVAC equipment. Just connect our Energy Controller to your existing HVAC system(s) and your computer data network. With Proliphix, you’re up and running in just minutes, compared to hours or days with a conventional energy management system.

An intuitive browser-based user interface makes management and control simple and convenient - no technical skills or training required. The Energy Controller’s unique button lockout feature prevents faculty or pupils from overriding temperature settings. And with the UniVista Energy Manager (UEM) Premium Level software subscription, you can program and manage hundreds, or even thousands, of our Energy Controller's in unison – saving time and money.

Enjoy the convenience of programming all Energy Controllers from a single location. Vacation schedules, teacher and parent conferences, and holidays can all be programmed into the controllers at the start of the school year when the school calendar is developed. Address unplanned events such as weather-related school closings by simply logging into the UniVista Energy Manager and make changes to the Energy Controllers from home using a secure Internet connection. And receive immediate notification of critical HVAC alarms wherever you are via email or SMS text messages.

Unlike conventional energy management systems that require a dedicated EMS server per facility, a single UniVista server can serve an entire school system. With Proliphix you can roll out schools quickly and inexpensively - without deploying a new management server in each facility. And when purchase, deployment, operations and maintenance expenses are taken into account the total cost of ownership (TCO) is a fraction of alternative solutions – typically 20%.

In times of rising energy costs, shrinking school budgets, and increasing environmental awareness, leading school systems are using the Proliphix Energy Control Solution (ECS) to help conserve energy, reduce fuel costs, and cut greenhouse emissions.