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Property owners reduce energy costs and improve tenant satisfaction with Proliphix



• Rapid ROI – measured in months, not years
• Easy to install – connects to existing HVAC equipment and broadband Internet interface in minutes
• Simple to operate – no special skills or training required
• Extensible – add properties without deploying additional servers



• Combat skyrocketing energy costs
• Maintain central control – prevent tenants from overriding thermostat settings
• Eliminate waste – conserve energy with time-of-day temperature control
• Reduce HVAC maintenance costs and preempt tenant complaints with real-time alarm notification
• Improve tenant satisfaction by maintaining comfortable settings
• Meet ENERGY STAR requirements for affordable housing programs
• Help improve the environment – cut greenhouse emissions



• Universal management with the UniVista Energy Manager (UEM) software
• Intuitive browser-based remote control interface
• Email and SMS text message alarms
• Secure Internet monitoring and control
• Flexible scheduling














Apartment and condominium owners are feeling the effects of rising energy costs. Oil, electricity, and natural gas prices are all at record levels. Property owners are seeking better ways to regulate energy use and counter rising fuel expenses. Improving HVAC system control is a great way to start. Tenants consume more energy on heating and cooling than lighting, hot water and cooking combined.

That’s why innovative property owners are looking to the Proliphix Energy Control Solution (ECS) to slash energy costs and reduce waste. For not much more than the price of a programmable thermostat solution, Proliphix allows property managers to dramatically reduce their heating and cooling expenses by remotely managing their HVAC systems over the Internet.

Proliphix Energy Controllers are easy to install and operate, and are designed to work with the most widely-deployed HVAC equipment. Just connect our Energy Controllers to your property’s existing HVAC system and broadband Internet interface. With Proliphix, you’re up and running in minutes!

Enjoy the convenience of programming all controllers from any location using a secure Internet connection. Unlike cryptic programmable thermostats, Proliphix features an intuitive Browser-based user interface that makes management and control simple and convenient - no technical skills or training required.

The unique calendar feature lets you quickly and easily configure heating and cooling settings. You can create unit-specific schedules to accommodate differing needs such as north-facing vs. south-facing units or residential vs. business tenants. And with custom software, energy consumption from each tenant can be aggregated to determine overall HVAC system and building efficiencies.

The Energy Controller's unique button lockout feature allows you to maintain central control by preventing or limiting tenants from overriding temperature settings. You can prevent tenants from modifying temperature settings completely, or allow them to override settings within certain limits.

Receive immediate notification of critical HVAC alarms wherever you are via email or SMS text messages. By promptly identifying and resolving HVAC problems, you can keep your HVAC equipment operating efficiently, reduce energy and repair bills, and take corrective action to preempt tenant complaints.

With the Proliphix UniVista Energy Manager (UEM) cloud-based software solution, you can program and manage hundreds of Energy Controllers in unison – saving time and money. With Proliphix, you can enjoy all the features, benefits and convenience of an Internet-managed energy control solution for not much more than the price of a programmable thermostat solution.

In times of rising energy costs, forward-looking property owners are leveraging the Proliphix Energy Control Solution to conserve energy and reduce fuel costs.