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The UniVista Energy Manager (UEM) is our cloud-hosted software application. The UniVista Energy Manager software allows commercial end-users or their trusted service providers to securely monitor and control facility HVAC systems and equipment. The UEM application is hosted by Proliphix on highly reliable and dedicated servers with a browser-based graphical user interface which allows for secure customer or service provider access from any computer in the world. The UEM is simple to use and provides the user an interface in which all facilities and HVAC System Controllers are represented graphically for easy management. Graph reports provide visual interpretation of proper or faulty HVAC system operation.

The UniVista Energy Manager saves the customer from the burdens of expensive data storage, backups and associated maintenance by eliminating the need to invest in additional IT equipment. Subscription access to the hosted UEM software is ideal and recommended for most small commercial facilities because a sophisticated IT infrastructure is typically too costly to establish and maintain. There is simply no need for the customer or service provider to incur the cost of loading software on expensive servers which require ongoing maintenance.

Customer access to the UEM hosted service is offered month-to-month as a paid subscription. The UEM paid subscription service is encouraged and best suited for deployments which include multiple installations or locations and require simplified multi-facility control.


  • Web Browser interface
  • Controller Status Monitoring
  • Controller Alarm Management
  • Email & Text Message Alarm Dispatch
  • Temperature and State Monitoring


  • Energy Usage Monitoring