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Products Overview

Products Overview

Uniphy Solution

Proliphix Uniphy solutions help you slash your energy bills and reduce your HVAC maintenance and operations costs by using the Internet to monitor and control your HVAC systems. We provide all the products and services you need to start saving energy today - remote management applications and services, network thermostats, equipment controllers and optional accessories. With Proliphix you’ll enjoy all the features and benefits of a sophisticated energy management system for not much more than the price of a conventional programmable thermostat solution.

Uniphy Remote Management Solutions

Uniphy Remote Management Solutions simplify HVAC system administration and control. Our free Uniphy Remote Management Service automatically monitors your network thermostats and sends you an immediate email or SMS message if a problem is detected. You can also connect to our secure Web site to program, monitor and control your thermostats using a simple graphical interface. For larger installations we offer the UniVista Remote Management Application. It provides enterprise-wide status and fault monitoring and lets you program and control large groups of thermostats at once to save time and effort, and reduce programming errors. More

Uniphy Network Thermostats

Uniphy Network Thermostats are the first thermostats specifically designed for Internet access and control. They provide the features and functions of a conventional programmable thermostat with an easy-to-use, browser-based interface that significantly simplifies HVAC programming and control. Uniphy Network Thermostats are installed in minutes and work with the most widely-deployed HVAC systems. An integral Ethernet interface provides quick connection to a broadband Internet service or private data network. Proliphix offers a variety of network thermostats designed to serve a wide range of applications and industries. More

Uniphy Product Accessories

Proliphix offers a variety of supplementary energy management components including Ethernet power adapters and thermistor sensors. More