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Network Basic Series

Our Lowest Priced Network Thermostats!

The Uniphy Basic Series includes the NT20e and IMT350w models. The NT20e model supports two external thermal sensors for zone thermal averaging, outdoor temperature reporting, or other uses. The IMT350w adds wireless networking and a color touch screen.


Models: NT20e, IMT350w
Availability: NT20e -In stock.

IMT350w - Back ordered.

  • Compatible with fossil fuel and heat pump systems
  • Single stage heat and A/C support
  • Auto changeover
  • Manual & automatic fan control
  • Reliable TCP/IP communications
  • Web Browser control interface
  • Automated Email & text message reporting
  • Wired Ethernet
  • 366 day Programming
  • Four temperature periods per day
  • Three year scheduling
  • Vacation and special day schedules
  • CSA Listed
  • ENERGY STAR compliant







Required Accessories:



The EPA-20 provides 24Vdc power over standard Ethernet unshielded twisted pair (i.e. Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6) cable to two (2) Proliphix Network Thermostats.

The EPA-60 provides 24Vdc power over standard Ethernet unshielded twisted pair (i.e. Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6) cable to six (6) Proliphix Network Thermostats.

NOTE: The EPA-20 or EPA-60 can only be used to power "e" suffix model numbered Network Thermostats (i.e. NT10e, NT20e, NT120e, NT130e, NT150e, NT160e, TM220e, TM250e).


Uniphy Wiring Kit

The HVAC Power Adapter is required when adequate power is not available through the existing wiring when replacing a thermostat. The HPA-10 provides power to a single thermostat with 24v power. An HPa-10 is INCLUDED FREE with the purchase of any IMT350w. You are welcome to purchase additional or replacement HPAs.

Our installation kit is a great option for Do-It-Yourselfers and contractors looking for one-stop shopping. The Uniphy Wiring Kit is specific to wired model (c/h suffix) thermostats. Each kit is designed to install as many as two Proliphix Network Thermostats. Kits include 100 feet of Cat5e Ethernet Cable, two five foot patch cables, a punchdown tool and wire-strippers.