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Power Adapters

Ethernet Power Adapters

Proliphix Ethernet Power Adapters (EPA) provide an economical means to terminate in-wall Ethernet wiring and power Proliphix Network Controllers. They are a low cost alternative to more expensive Power over Ethernet (PoE, 802.3af) power injector equipment.

Proliphix Ethernet Power Adapters (EPAs) are multi-port power injectors capable of supplying power to either two (EPA-20) or six (EPA-60) Energy Controllers. An EPA is typically installed near a network device such as a hub, switch or router, and provides two cable terminations for each network controller. One termination provides data connectivity and power to the Energy Controller. The other provides data connectivity-only to the network equipment.

HVAC Power Adapters

Proliphix also offers HVAC Power Adapters (HPA), which provide power to a single IMT550w by reusing an existing fan wire as a "common" wire. The HPA is connected between your HVAC system and the controller. Although it is very easy to install, the HPA is best installed by a licensed electrician or qualified installer. More

Thermal Sensors

The IMT550c/w controller supports three (3) external thermal sensors (thermistors).

Thermistor sensors are passive devices which represent thermal measurements as electrical resistance. Thermistors do not require power from the controller. More