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About Us


Proliphix is the leading provider of Internet-Managed energy control solutions. In 2005 we not only introduced the industry's first IP thermostats, we invented the concept. Today thousands of businesses, schools and commercial retailers rely on the Proliphix Energy Control Solution (ECS) to improve HVAC and building control, and to reduce energy costs.

Proliphix’s newest Internet-Managed Energy Control offerings include the Proliphix Energy Control Solution (ECS) which satisfies the demand for low cost energy monitoring and control required by:

  • Commercial Energy Managers
  • Corporate Facilities Directors/Managers
  • Retail Franchise Owners
  • Physical Plant Mangers
  • Multi-Tenant Property Managers/Owners
  • Hospitality Facility Managers
  • Electric Utility Demand Response Providers

The company founders have extensive experience with local and wide area networking and Internet Protocol (IP) technologies, and have a proven track record for successfully developing products to meet the needs of emerging markets. They have been responsible for developing and bringing to market, highly reliable products at industry respected data communication and telecommunication companies.

Realizing the Proliphix vision has resulted in the development of inexpensive energy control hardware and software which provide to the small facility owner/operator, a sophisticated energy management solution.