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About Us

About Us

Proliphix has a long heritage in developing web-enabled energy control solutions. In 2005, Proliphix developed and brought to market the first web-enabled thermostat for commercial buildings. Since then, Proliphix has developed and introduced the second generation of energy controllers along with a cloud-based software service targeted specifically to provide HVAC energy management to light commercial facilities.

The Proliphix Energy Control Solution (ECS) provides large enterprises with inexpensive visibility and control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to their many small facilities. Many of the same features found in larger, more expensive energy management systems (EMS) are now available to the light commercial facility owner/operator at a fraction of the expense. 

The Proliphix Energy Control Solution is well-suited for just about any commercial application, from single facility installations to nationwide or worldwide deployments.  Nearly any business can improve HVAC control and reduce energy costs with the Proliphix ECS. By reducing energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, Proliphix helps businesses reduce environmental impact.

Proliphix is a privately-held company headquartered in Westford, MA.