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Proliphix Energy Control Solution (ECS)


Dramatically cut energy expenses, facility maintenance and operations costs with the Proliphix Energy Control Solution (ECS). Unlike other programmable thermostats on the market, the Proliphix ECS includes the same features and benefits of a sophisticated energy management system (EMS), but at a significantly lower cost. Proliphix offers subscription-based, cloud-hosted remote management software with performance analysis features, networked energy controllers and optional accessories. Proliphix ECS is comprised of the following complementary components: 

These components provide users with tools to monitor and regulate a facility‚Äôs HVAC and related functions with the use of either remote wired or remote wireless thermostats. The Proliphix ESC streamlines maintenance on all levels, and in most cases it will pay for itself in just a matter of months. Proliphix Energy Controllers and companion UEM software provide intelligent and unified HVAC and process equipment control at the lowest total cost of ownership.